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  • The Receive SMS phone numbers are temporary disposable, Everyone can see the text SMS verification code content, Please use it only for testing and developing purposes.
  • If you have trouble receiving your OTP SMS, please contact us on Telegram we will help you there.

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  1. Protect your privacy by using Free Temporary Number UK of to receive text messages online without revealing your personal information.
  2. Please do not use this UK phone number to receive important information or for illegal activities, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.
  3. Some of the phone numbers will not remain active for a long time; so you can change it. We add new numbers regularly so that you can  receive free online text messages in the UK and around the world from different unique phone numbers.
  4. Please keep sharing this page and our website with your friends if you appreciate this Receive SMS Online Service.

FAQs Regarding the UK Temp Number

Is this virtual temp number you provided free of charge?

Yes, absolutely! All the numbers are free of charge and public, you can use them for development purposes including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Tiktok and etc.

Do I need to register to get a free temporary number?

No, You can view all the numbers online without registering an account and receive SMS and confirmation code.

Are there any delays or limitations when receiving SMS?

If you are not using the number for malicious purposes and if you follow the rules, there is no limit, and you can get the virtual number and get the confirmation code at any time.

Which countries do you provide temp numbers for?

We are providing USA America virtual numbers, France virtual numbers, Canada virtual numbers, Sweden virtual temp numbers, United Kingdom UK virtual numbers, Netherlands virtual numbers, France virtual numbers and we are adding new countries and new numbers regularly.

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